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10 Ways to Take Action

This October marks the third annual Non-GMO Month outreach campaign and we are happy to announce that the campaign just keeps growing! Non-GMO Month is dedicated to promoting awareness over the concerns of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our food systems and environment. This year several organizations have teamed up to support the labeling of GM (Genetically Modified) foods alongside the California Right to Know Prop 37 ballot initiative. This effort will make it easier for all of us to make educated food choices for ourselves and our families.

Every year WholeSoy puts together an Action Guide with ideas on how you can get involved in non-GMO issues. The Guide has been so popular, we decided to put together more steps you can take to become part of this fast-growing movement.

Here are our top 10 ways for you to participate...


1. Stay up to date about why non-GMO is important

action-gmo-cornLearn more about GMOs by reading the latest resources starting with What is GMO? The Institute for Responsible Technology website is constantly updated with information including 10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs. Then, read about the Myths and Realities of GE Crops by the Center for Food Safety.

For a quick introduction to GMOs read our Non-GMO overview >>


2. Learn to talk about the issues

blog-bubblesTrain to be an effective speaker on non-GMO issues. Start with watching the Non-GMO Project's Managing the Non-GMO Message. To delve into lecturing review the Institute for Responsible Technology's speaker training calendar to find a time that works for you. Anyone can learn to be a speaker! Check out 11-year old Birke Baehr speaking at a TedX Next Generation conference.

Visit the Institute for Responsible Technology >>

3. Avoid top GMO offenders; choose Non-GMO Verified

nongmo-certifiedAvoid high risk GE ingredients if they are not labeled non-GMO: corn, soy, sugar beets (all sugar if not labeled from cane sugar), canola, alfalfa, papaya from Hawaii, zucchini, yellow squash, dairy with rBGH, aspartame, animal protein from animals fed GMOs and cotton. If one of these ingredients is your food then look for the Non-GMO Verified logo. The Non-GMO Project is leading the way by providing the industry standard non-GMO verification process.

Visit the Non-GMO Project website for more info >>


4. Tell your local retailer how you feel about GMOs

action-cartMake sure to keep buying and requesting non-GMO foods at your local market. Download the Non-GMO Shopping Guide to make your grocery shopping easier.
You can also supply your local market with a Retailer Tool Kit to help them get started!

Search for Participating Stores Near You >>

5. Watch, learn and share

action-videoWatch a video and share it with your friends like this TEDx talk by Robyn O'Brien or have a movie screening party at your house to watch films like The World According to Monsanto or Genetic Roulette (free week 10/10-17)!

Find more videos about GMOs >>

6. Volunteer or make a donation

action-volunteerVolunteer your time in support of non-GMOs with an organization like The Tipping Point Network. If you're in California then you can help the Right to Know labeling initiative: Volunteer for Yes on Prop 37.
If you can't find the time to volunteer or are not in California think about making a donation to the CA Right to Know campaign.

Make a donation >>

7. Tell the FDA: "I want GMOs labeled!"


Tell the FDA: Label GMOs!
Anyone can sign the petition. Over one million people have already contacted the FDA voicing their concerns about GMOs in their food.

Add your voice >>


8. Vote Yes on California Right to Know Prop 37

prop-37The California Right to Know to Label GMO's Proposition 37 is in full gear for the big vote in this November's election. Join, volunteer, donate to the Prop 37 campaign and then vote yes! WholeSoy has already made the biggest donation in our company's history in support the labeling campaign! The goal of this initiative is to give consumers the information they need to make their own choices by labeling GMO foods.

Find out how you can get involved in the campaign >>

9. Write to your elected officials

Tell your elected officials you'd like to see GMOs labeled! Write your own letter and easily search for your elected officials' contact information.

Search for your Elected Officials >>


10. Share your own idea


The WholeSoy & Co. community is growing! Come up with your own action item and share it in a comment here, on our Facebook page or @WholeSoy on twitter.

We'll pick our favorite idea at the end of the month and send the winning idea a gift tote bag with free coupons for WholeSoy's Non-GMO Verified yogurts!

Visit the WholeSoy & Co. Facebook page >>

Share this guide and add your comment!

We encourage you to tell everyone you know about Non-GMO Month and help spread the word. Friends, family, retailers, restaurants, they all deserve the right to know!

The more people who know about the importance of non-GMO, the faster we will help grow the movement and build a more sustainable, healthy food system. To share the guide, click on the social bookmarks below to share on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

Have an idea or an experience with Non-GMO Month you'd like to share? Add your comments below!

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Comments (5)

  • Greg
    12 October 2012 at 17:39 |

    Bring a friend to a natural grocery store with you next time you shop! Show them non-GMO options of what they normally eat. Like WholeSoy over conventional dairy yogurt! :)

  • plantmaven
    14 October 2012 at 18:30 |

    When at the grocery store (with friend, child or spouse), as you purchase non-GMO products, comment on why this is so important to health so that other nearby shoppers can hear you.

  • Sara P.
    Sara P.
    19 October 2012 at 13:34 |

    Shop at a local store or coop that only stocks non-gmo products!! (I love my local coop :)

  • Jasmine W.
    Jasmine W.
    30 October 2012 at 19:30 |

    Educate your community! Schedule a talk at your local library, coffee shop, etc. about the importance of being aware of GMOs, and community members can do to help!

  • WholeSoy
    01 November 2012 at 17:41 |

    Thank you for all your submissions! We're gathering all of your great ideas and we will announce a winner very soon! :)

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